National-Global Technical Contest National-Global Technical Contest

About Yamaha National 3S Grand Prix

Yamaha is a Kando creating company. Kando is a Japanese term which means “creating simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement when we encounter something of exceptional value”

Yamaha believes in delivering exceptional customer service experience through their global standards which assure customers a guarantee of quality and trusted services across Sales, Service, & Parts which eventually creates emotional ties with the customers.

Committing to the above, Yamaha has been organizing Dealer Staff Skill Contest (Grand Prix) since 2010 for our dealer staff under the umbrella of Yamaha Global Education System to motivate and further strengthen quality operations to meet customer expectations with CS mind-set. This year also contest has been planned for Dealer Partner’s Sale, Service & Parts Staff.

For Sales, the contest primarily focuses on the legacy of Yamaha brand awareness, customer need analysis, product communication & transparency in services.

For after-sales, contest is focusing on Customer-front interaction, time & cost estimation, accuracy & efficiency in problem identification & repair, final inspection, predictive advice for repair, maintenance, and Post service feedback.

For Parts: Ensuring genuine parts availability for accurate repair on time. This contest supports us in developing confidence & excitement across the dealership partner’s staff which in-turn will create more Yamaha fans.

With this learn through play concept, our dealers 3S team gets opportunity to interact with experienced staff across all channels and learn new ways to deliver “Kando”.

The World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP)

The World Technician Grand Prix holds world championship once in two years.It inculcates higher level of motivation and produces superior technicians at a global scale who will have active long-lasting career at Yamaha. In 2023, Global Ceremony is organized for National Champions for the respective countries.

India Yamaha has won WTGP twice in 2014 & 2016, won CS No.1 award in 2018. In the 2023 National Champions were felicitated in a Global Ceremony at Yamaha Motor Co. Headquarters (Japan).

2023 Ambuj Automobile (Delhi) Felicitated in Global Ceremony For National Champions

2018 M/s S.N.C Yamaha Motors (Howrah) won the CS No. 1 Award

2014 M/S Alagendran Auto (Madurai) won the first position

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