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Welcome to the world of technology with the new "Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X"

The new “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” Application enabled with Bluetooth technology serves a seamless experience of riding and upkeep to the customers in unique ways.

The introduction of “Bluetooth enabled technology” aims to bring potential benefits through a host of safety and practical features to the customers. Initially this feature will be made available with FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX Darknight variant. However, entire series of FZ FI & FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX (150cc) motorcycles can upgrade to this technology by buying the device as an extra accessory at Authorized Yamaha Dealerships & connect to Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X. The new Yamaha FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX comes with Coloured wheels to amplify your street presence. Front and back LED flashers to signal your distinct style. LED taillight to guide your followers.

*Available at all Authorized Yamaha Dealerships from 1st Nov 2020

Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X

The All New

Yamaha FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX

with Bluetooth Connect

Over 1.5 million hearts rev faster with the FZ Series. This new age macho bike has ruled Indian hearts and roads for over 11 years. Today, the original streetfighter is still streets ahead. The muscular design. The exceptional handling. The finest Yamaha technology – including a torquey Fuel Injection 149 cc engine with Bluetooth-enabled "Yamaha Motorcycle Connect ", ABS, and a category first Traction Control System for improved safety. It all adds up to create the true Lord of the Streets!

Enhancing Performance and Mileage

The FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX weighs just 136 kgs. This makes the bike even more responsive leading to quick initial pickup, smooth passing acceleration and better manoeuvrability.

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX Darknight with Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X


Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 DLX Led Headlight

Newly Designed Class ( D) Headlight with Position Lamp

The newly designed LED headlight is now brighter. A new reflector with light guide improves the distribution of light and night time visibility for the rider.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Led Tail light

LED Flashers & LED Tail Light

Signal your unique identity with unmissable front and back LED flashers - a perfect mash-up of style and safety. Leave a mark for others to follow with the all-new, high visibility LED tail light.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX LEDFlashers

Coloured Wheels

New coloured wheels add a flamboyant dash of style to your street presence. Grab attention wherever you go!
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Emblem

Chrome Duct Plating and 3D emblem

The glossy chrome plating in selected parts creates a premium, exclusive image and enhances the street presence of the motorcycle. 3D emblem enhances premium look of the bike.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Seat

Comfortable Two-Level Seat

The two-level seat has an excellent feeling of fit and cushioning that works well with an upright, relaxed riding position. The cushioning material has a suitable degree of firmness and is paired with a seat material that offers superb fit to provide a steady ride and comfort for both the rider and pillion rider.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Silencer Cover

Advanced Midship Muffler & enhanced muffler sound

A midship muffler, with its advantages of mass concentration, weight reduction and shorter length, is adopted. The design of the muffler protector is such that it further enhances the sharpness. The Muffler sound is bold.


Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Traction control system

Traction Control System

The FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX comes with a category first - Traction Control System. This is a dedicated electronic system that has the remarkable ability of reducing the chances of a wheelspin (slippage due to loss of traction).
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX FI Engine

Trusted & Efficient 149cc FI Engine

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX mounts an air-cooled 4-stroke 149cc SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine which has been tuned to further polish the feeling of superior acceleration from stops and exhilarating feeling when overtaking. The ignition timing and injection maps for the fuel injection system are designed such that riders get a good feeling of acceleration while still enjoying the upright riding position.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Monocross Suspension

Monocross Suspension

It provides an excellent shock-absorbing performance and a good feeling of stability during braking. The rear suspension is a lightweight Monocross suspension unit that contributes to mass centralization and provides 120mm of wheel travel, which is tuned for good balance between the spring rate and damping force.


Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX ABS & Disc Brake

Front 1ch ABS & Disc Brake

Front Disc with Bosch Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps in achieving greater control over the bike during braking by restricting the wheel lock ups thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface to avoid skidding in slippery conditions. Rear Disc brake augments more quality to the long legacy of FZ braking system.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 DLX Rear Tyre

140mm Wide Radial Tyre

100/80-17 at the front and a 140/60-17 radial tyre at the rear offers low rolling resistance and deliver great fuel economy and good grip.


Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Meter

The Yamaha Y-Connect App displays phone notifications on your instrument cluster screen -

    Alerts you of any incoming or missed calls
    Get notified every time you receive a message or email on your phone
    Informs you of the bike's connectivity with the Y-Connect app on your phone.
    Displays the smartphone's battery level
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 fuel Consumption meter
Fuel Consumption Tracker - This feature helps you track your daily and monthly fuel consumption.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Maintaninace
Maintenance Recommendations - This app consolidates and analyses the bike data and sends you recommendations. For example, it keeps tabs on battery status and indicates either with a “Good” or “Check” notification.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Parking location
Last Parking Location - The last parking feature of the app gives you information about where you last parked your bike*.

*If the machine has been moved since it was parked, it cannot be tracked via this function.

Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Malfunction
Malfunction Notification - Should the machine suffer a breakdown or malfunction, the app indicates so on the smartphone. It can also be verified on the phone as part of the bike’s records.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Revs Dashboard
Revs Dashboard - The smartphone screen can also function as the Revs Dashboard, that displays data that is not available on the bike’s instrument cluster, such as Engine RPM, Degree Of Throttle Opening, Rate Of Acceleration, Eco-friendly Riding Indicator and Real-time Fuel Consumption.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Y-connect Ranking
Ranking - This app connects with other Yamaha riders app and maintains a ranking of the riders in terms of distance travelled and how eco-friendly their riding has been.


Yamaha Motor India

Negative LCD Instrument Cluster

The Negative LCD instrument cluster panel has a black background and white lettering. Digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer above, and a fuel gauge are constantly displayed, along with ABS warning lamp while the odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, F Trip, clock and others can be selected for display. There is also an ECO indicator to enable more fuel-efficient riding.

*Available at all Authorized Yamaha Dealerships from 1st Nov 2020

Yamaha Motorcycle connect

Y-Connect with Bluetooth

Stay connected even on the move. Y-Connect is Yamaha’s latest innovation that lets you link your smartphone directly to your Yamaha motorcycle.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 Multi-function Negative LCD Instrument Cluster

Multi-function LCD Instrument Cluster

While others on the road admire the looks and styling of your FZS FI V4, you can admire the looks and take advantage of all the information that it has to offer to help you ride better.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 e20 Logo

E20 Fuel Compatible

E20 Fuel reduce the emissions and is wonderful option for cutting down on pollution. As part of our carbon reduction commitments, We have updated the FZ series to be compatible with E20 Fuel.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 New Under Cowling Feature

Under Cowl

The lower engine fairing has been introduced to reduce mud and dirt splatter. The under cowl has been designed to enhance the sporty look of the bike.
Yamaha FZ-S FI v4 light weight

Light Weight Body

Easier to control while enhancing economy at the same time. Makes the power-to-weight ratio just enough to keep you zipping.

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX 360° View

* This 360 degree view is for illustration purpose only. Please click here for detailed specifications.

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    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 Mobile Holder

    Mobile Holder

    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Book Now
    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 New Tank Pad

    Tank Pad

    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Book Now
    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 Footrest for Ladies

    Rear Footrest

    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Book Now
    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 Engine Guard

    Engine guard

    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 - Book Now
    Yamaha FZ-S FI V4 Seat Cover

    Seat cover

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    Color & Price

    FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX New Matte Red
    Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi
    *Price may change without prior notice
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    Engine Type Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
    Displacement 149 cc
    Bore & Stroke 57.3 mm x 57.9 mm
    Compression Ratio 9.6 : 1
    Maximum Horse Power 9.1 kW (12.4PS) / 7,250 r/min
    Maximum torque 13.3 N.m (1.4 kg f.m) / 5,500 r/min
    Starting system type Electric Starter
    Overall Length X Width X Height 1,990mm/2,000mm(Deluxe) X 780mm X 1,080mm
    Seat height 790 mm
    Wheelbase 1,330 mm
    Minimum ground clearance 165 mm
    Kerb Weight 136 kg
    Tyre size (Front) 100/80-17M/C 52P-Tubeless
    Tyre size (Rear) 140/60R17M/C 63P-Radial Tubeless
    ABS Single Channel ABS
    Brake type (Front) Disc Brake(282mm)
    Brake type (Rear) Disc Brake(220mm)
    Fuel tank capacity 13 L
    Traction Control System Equipped
    Y-Connect Enabled
    Carburetor type /Fuel Supply Fuel injection
    Transmission type Constant mesh, 5-speed
    Brake/ Tail light
    (For FZ FI)
    12V,21/5W x 1
    Suspension type (front/rear) Telescopic fork / 7-Step Adjustable Monocross Suspension
    Headlight LED
    Taillight LED
    Clock Digital
    Speedometer Digital
    Battery 12V
    ECO indicator Equipped
    Side Stand engine cut-off switch Equipped

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    Mobile Holder

    MRP₹ 350

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    Everyone can reach you wherever you are.

    1. Easy to attach and adjust on to the handle.
    2. Compatible with different sizes of mobile phones.
    3. Easily rotatable based on rider convenience

    Tank Pad

    MRP₹ 200

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    Everyone can reach you wherever you are.

    1. Prevents scratches on tank.
    2. Blends with Tank to add more style.

    Rear Footrest

    MRP₹ 480

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    Everyone can reach you wherever you are.

    1. Helps in easier footrest for side saddle.
    2. Improves pillion comfort.

    Engine guard

    MRP₹ 1100

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    Everyone can reach you wherever you are.

    1. Designed by engineers for perfect fit & benefit
    2. Easy to fit on motorcycle.
    3. Rust protection coating.
    4. Protects engine parts during fall.

    Seat cover

    MRP₹ 450

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer`

    Everyone can reach you wherever you are.

    1. Maintenance free & easy mounting
    2. Stylish design
    3. Matches all colors of FZ Series
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